Aluces is a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm specializing in drainage, civil-site design, water & sewer, stormwater master planning, and GIS. Our Staff is uniquely qualified to successfully service our clients in a multitude of engineering roles.

We have considerable experience planning and designing stormwater infrastructure improvement projects throughout South Florida including projects within a multitude of coastal regions and accounting for sea-level rise. We have experience designing stormwater management systems using exfiltration trenches, pumps stations, injection wells (under both pressure and gravity conditions), and pollutions control structures in addition to permitting our designs through the applicable jurisdictional agencies.

Aluces also has experience in Stormwater Master Plans (SWMP) and has been directly involved in the preparation of numerous comprehensive SWMPs within the state of Florida. Our extensive experience in designing stormwater management systems for all types of projects in the micro-perspective gives us a keen understanding for not only analyzing existing systems in the macro-perspective but also helps us to develop future planning level solutions that are feasible, cost-effective, and permittable given the nature of today’s ever-changing regulatory environment.

Additionally, our expert staff has extensive experience designing water and sewer improvement projects in South Florida. Our senior staff has implemented all types of water and sewer solutions including lift stations and collection/transmission lines using reinforced concrete, ductile iron, and PVC pipe in sizes up to and, on occasion, beyond 54-inches in diameter, under both gravity and pressure conditions. 

Furthermore, Aluces has experience mapping, creating, and enhancing new and existing GIS datasets for numerous municipal and state clients. We actively implement GIS technologies in the majority of our projects. Our GIS professionals are also professional engineers with extensive GIS backgrounds who have the technical understanding of how to develop and maintain effective, efficient, and forward-thinking GIS databases.

At Aluces, our staff emphasizes responsive attention and communication, dedication to all work assignments, and commitment of service to all our clients. Additionally, our formula for success is based on combining strong project management, technical hands-on experience, and well-established quality control procedures in order to provide quality deliverables.

Our years of experience have given us a clear understanding of the needs of our clients; the tools necessary for developing cost-effective, sustainable, and streamlined solutions; and the ability to provide dedicated quality service to our clients in a timely manner.  Our expert staff is ready to serve our clients with the engineering expertise they need today to design for the future.

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